Division A1: Elementary Science Olympiad Fun Day

Science Olympiad programs at the elementary level are designed to encourage classroom teachers to explore new and challenging ways of teaching science.

The division A1 program, known as "Elementary Science Olympiad Fun Day," is usually non-competitive and contained within a single school. Fun Day (or Fun Night) incorporates an assortment of activities and events that are outlined in the Science Olympiad Fun Day Coaches Manual (available from the State Office). Educators are encouraged to employ these activities in the classroom or in the form of a Fun Day with numerous events on display.

Because there are no statewide standards for Division A, the Elementary Science Olympiad program is adapted as necessary to meet local needs and interests. Several methods of organization for an Elementary Science Olympiad Fun Day have proven successful.

Using the Fun Day Coaches Manual and/or other resources, small groups of children can develop modest hands-on science activities. On Fun Day, these groups demonstrate and explain their various activities to their classmates. The Fun Day program allows children to work together on preparing their activity and explaining it to their classmates.  Same is true for Fun Night.

Another successful method involves older students, such as those from a high school Science Club, preparing an assortment of events that are presented to younger students in the form of a large exhibition. Elementary students visit the various event tables and participate in short hands-on activities and demonstrations. The Fun Day events can be easily tailored to various grade levels enabling a large array of students to participate in the Fun Day exhibition.

For additional information, link to the Alabama Science Olympiad Coaches Handbook or order an inexpensive Elementary Science Olympiad Fun Day manual packed with events and details on how to implement the program in your school. Print out our online registration form to register your school at the Division A1 level and receive your copy today.