Division A2: Elementary Science Olympiad

The Elementary Science Olympiad program is designed to encourage classroom teachers to explore new and challenging ways of teaching science.

At the Division A2 level, students are introduced to a more competitive format. However, the competition aspect is minimized while the celebration aspects are emphasized. The "Elementary Science Olympiad" for grades 3 through 6 is basically a scaled-down version of the Division B (6-9) and C (9-12) competitions.

Elementary Science Olympiad tournaments are academic interscholastic competitions that consist of a series of individual and team events that students prepare for during the year. Most Science Olympiad events are team competitions that require teamwork, group planning and cooperation. The emphasis is on learning, participation, interaction, and having fun.

Teams of 15 to 24 students (depending on competition site) prepare to compete against other schools in the wide range of events. Events at all levels of Science Olympiad competition involve knowledge among a broad array of fields including life, earth, and physical sciences, problem solving, and technology. However, memorizing facts and figures is not the basis for the majority of Science Olympiad events. Rather, students are challenged with events balanced among science concepts, processes, and applications.

The competition takes place on a Saturday during the spring between approximately 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Local businesses often provide funds for medals, ribbons and trophies. At this age level, there is no progressive tournament structure. Elementary level competitions are held independent of each other. Thus, there are rule and event variations at each competition site. Interested schools are encouraged to enter the Elementary Science Olympiad(s) that best fit their needs with regard to location, date, and tournament structure.

Elementary Science Olympiads at Auburn University, Jacksonville High School, and University of West Alabama are the most established programs in Alabama. For a more complete overview of the Elementary Science Olympiad program, please link to the ESO at Jacksonville High School site for sample Olympiad rules, events, and highlights from past competitions.

Similar to division A1, Elementary Science Olympiad (A2) events also make great non-competitive classroom activities. Link to more information about ESO in the Classroom including sample events and helpful hints to help make ESO part of your curriculum.

Teachers or administrators interested in obtaining training for themselves or their schools or systems are encouraged to contact the State Director. We can inform you of training opportunities that already exist in your area or help arrange specialized training.

For additional information, link to the Alabama Science Olympiad Coaches Handbook for tips on making the Elementary Science Olympiad part of your school and order an inexpensive Elementary Science Olympiad manual packed with events and details on how to implement the program in your school. Print out our online registration form to register your school at the Division A2 level and receive your copy today.