Division B: Science Olympiad for Grades 6-9

Division B for students in grades 6 through 9 is the first nationally competitive level of the Science Olympiad. Teams in this division compete at a regional tournament. The top 20% (approximately) of the teams from each regional tournament are invited to compete at the State Tournament. The top teams from each division are then invited to the National Tournament.

Each Science Olympiad competition consists of 23 individual and team events that require expertise in biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, problem-solving, and technology. Students who participate in the Science Olympiad are taught advanced science through active, hands-on participation. All events involve teamwork, group planning and cooperation, and promote team spirit and good sportsmanship. Scroll down for a look at this year's events.

Up to two teams per division per school are able to register for competition in the Alabama Science Olympiad. Schools will receive registration information via mail in September or may print a copy of our online registration form.

Following registration, teams will receive a Coaches Manual that contains the rules for the current year's events along with details pertaining to their selected regional tournament. Events vary in structure including those where "devices" are built prior to or during the Olympiad along with events that test participants' process skills and knowledge of the various fields of science. The rules are written to allow for a great deal of creativity in how devices are designed and built as well as how knowledge events are prepared for. In addition, "trial events" are featured each year. Regional tournaments may include these in their competition at their discretion. Individual medals and ribbons are awarded for the top scorers in each event. Only the standard Olympiad events count toward overall team scores. The top teams (typically 3 to 5 teams) advance to the Alabama State Science Olympiad tournament.

Through the Science Olympiad national office, teams may purchase additional materials that are specialized to prepare for specific events as well as sample tests. Ordering information is contained in the Coaches Manual and available on the Science Olympiad Contacts Page.

Each Science Olympiad team consists of up to 15 students. For division B, no more than five students can be from the ninth grade. Every event provides for a team of at least two students.

All regional and state tournaments in Alabama are held on Saturdays at a college or university campus. The Olympiad day runs from approximately 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. with events running simultaneously throughout the day. Each team member can expect to compete in several different events, often with different teammates. In addition to the competition, tournaments provide an excellent opportunity for team members to meet students from other schools as well as tour a college or university that they might consider attending.

There are many other levels of training available for Science Olympiad. The Coaches Manual has information about the four to five day intensive workshops held each summer. They are excellent workshops for novice or experienced coaches and tend to concentrate on the newest events.  Check ASO News Center as well as NSO for workshops.